Life on Earth

The world we live in is a school, in which observation and experience offer us immense possibilities for self-improvement, nay, the world itself is our Guru or God.

Earth is the theatre on which we play the game of life. It is the scene where we live and struggle to attain the supreme beatitude of life. It is the Karma Bhumi, the place where our physical body is shaped and born, on which it lives and acts, and into which it ultimately returns and dissolves.

It is the Dharma Kshetra, the field in which we prepare ourselves for our ultimate destiny of liberation and realization. It is on the earth that we put into practice the loftiest principles by which we recognise our relationship with all beings.

It is here that we train and fit ourselves, through self-control and discipline, for the final plunge into the infinite ocean of spiritual light, power and joy. Humanity is the heart of this world in which we live and move. Identity with humanity is identity with the universe, and vice versa.

Poojya Papa Ji Shri Ramdas
Anandashram, Kanhangad


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