LIFE IS SO: Column by Dr. Janatha Ramanathan

Life is a mystery and we wait for miracles to perplex us. Incidents and episodes remind us about the transience of life; Yet, we race for the accolades and approbations. Do all the hard-won fortune remain with us? Person to person perspectives differ; Views change; Opinions alter. We are ordinary human beings endowed with all the desire and prejudice that carry us forward in the journey of life. The question is, are we satisfied? Is the present life worth living? Am I enjoying my life, or am I lying that I am living or lived?

We are not supra or superhuman beings from dystopian islands. We need love, care and concern to tread on the carpet that slides us towards the reality of life. Misfortunes crumble us; fortune entertains us. With much solemnity, I am trying to pen down a thought that dwells in my heart for over a decade.

The world has become too cruel that human beings become wild beings. People frantically search for materialistic assets. Life has rings of a jumbo circus that whirls us through an arena of hardships and heights. The pandemic has turned the universe topsy-turvy; Still, we stand in the ivory towers and blame and curse others for the mishaps. It is challenging to live the life bestowed on the proud human race on this beautiful earth. Have we ever thought of the denied and dejected people who occupy the fringes of society?

Looking for benevolence and magnanimity seems vain. Where are grace and mercy? Where are empathy and sympathy? Are our hearts hardened to the core? Turn around and listen to the sobs and wails. Just lend your ears to the shrieking cry of the brethren. Isn’t it gnawing our conscience? Spare a moment. Hyenas and panthers are everywhere to devour all. Divert your ways and escape the hell of pain and try to move towards the heaven of mirth.

Leave aside a singing time for the suffering brethren; to hear their ailments, to air their pain and to pair their sorrow. Feel the feather of weight in your hearts to rejoice in the feeling of a kind touch. Nothing can give such strength than words of comfort and love. Let us hold that in our hearts to share it with them to brighten their dark passive frozen hope. Yes, we have to design our life. Not to say “Life is So” and elude away from reality. Live your life meaningfully, happily and magnificently. “Life is So”, beautiful and precious. Let us live the life to enjoy the beauty and own the precious.