LIFE IS SO: Column by Dr. Janatha Ramanathan

The morning dew welcomes us to yet another beautiful day. We pray for a day without mortal mishaps. Still, events and incidents take us to a strange land devoid of humanity and love. The pandemic has churned the life of us in such a way, that we are depressed and dejected. Each morning gives us a score of upheavals in different places. We are intimidated by the news about the anguish and pain of the people on the verge of death. We realize that life is a conundrum of intricacies.

Life can be messy, but with love, we can help each other and survive even the toughest times. We learn lessons from experiences. We create magic of bond between our people. We love to nestle in a place where our dear ones live sans fear. Embrace your people to heart, hold hand in hand, share the happiness and lessen the sorrow. Loving, caring, honest and concerned brethren will strengthen and satiate our life.

Life is fragile. Hard times are inevitable. At one or the other time, we will confront difficult phases, such as sickness, catastrophes, and revolutionary breakdown. However painful they are, pressure, insecurity, failure and tragedy are a part of life. Life has a way of kicking us when we are down.

It’s a mystery to know the musings of a heart. The beauty is that we are unique individuals from different backgrounds, with varied personalities, experiences and circumstances. Can you imagine a day in our life, when the earth unexpectedly pulls us to oblivion; Life becomes nothing, living becomes painful and meaningless.

Please listen to a heartrending incident that happened recently. A young woman stands alone in the metropolitan city with her dead husband and aged mother-in-law without no one to utter a word of consolation. Holding the hands of the wife, the husband passed away. The people who were so close to her are now aliens. Their closed doors and hearts speak volume of the great humanity and fraternity they fathom in their mind.

Life is so! Have we lost the touch of kindness? Are we, the stereotypes? Nothing is stable, no one is immortal. The story of me maybe your own tale to trumpet tomorrow.

No man is an island. Let us hold hands together, care for one another, look into the eyes of others and tell them that I am there for you. Offer your help, it can also serve them to lessen their pain.

Give them your time, your energy and give yourself, for mutual help and love can only heal the scars of agony. This feeling of oneness and integrity may serve as a perpetual grace that will make this universe a paradise of delight. Life is so!

Dr. Janatha Ramanathan