LIFE IS LIKE AN APPLICATION: Poem by Divyak Pratap Singh

Life is like an application
We have to be updated
Also to be uploaded
By bringing the new version of it
So that other people can enjoy,
Can like the new version
Can share the new version of you
And can comment on your new version
Also can try to report it
In case of any errors
If new version of life lack more
Or its getting hang then old one
If still that contain lot of bugs
So at that time you have full authority
To figure out something
To fix that version somehow
After all the possible things
If you still can’t figure out something
Then at the end you have to
Formate your new version
Reinstall it so that
It’s bugs free
Which won’t lack or hang
After all things
If something is still missing in that
Then you can try to upgrade it again
Because looking back is not a good choice
So try to make it perfect
So that you can enjoy The best version of yourself
Without any problem.

Poem by Divyak Pratap Singh