Let us put agendas behind and regain ‘Paradise on Earth’

Since independence, the Nation has been continuously put under siege by forces operating from across the border, primarily laying a claim on Jammu & Kashmir. Their claims over Kashmir were nothing but a well crafted agenda to perpetually bleed, our Nation. The sad part of the saga being the lack of farsightedness of the erstwhile leaders who are otherwise portrayed as great but could not deliver the much hyped greatness in resolving the issues which they themselves ignited by failing to address the root of the issue. On the other hand, the issue became more complex with an untimely ceasefire especially when our troops were advancing against the proxies of a rogue neighbhour.  The Nation had to fight many more battles against its worst enemy in the decades that followed. The proxy war over Kashmir unsettled the lives of hundreds and thousands of people across our Nation. The rogue neighboring country shamelessly sowed seeds of terror and ensured our Nation burned literally. The thousands of soldiers who laid down their lives, thousands of innocent civilians who were subjected to brutal terror strikes, were all victims of a perverse agenda, they told the world initially, it was a battle for self respect and their rights, then it turned out to be a war against infidels. The 1990’s saw cold blooded murders and rapes of Kashmiri Pandit Community, which resulted in a mass exodus from their roots. The brutality of murders and rapes were beyond description, they were committed in such a manner that it instilled fear in all, and left a message not to even think of ever returning to the Valley.

We generally see, sudden reactions to all issues from various quarters, in a democracy we need to have that “element of spontaneity” it’s a sign of healthy democracy but when we see selective reactions and passive reactions, it’s not a sign of healthy democracy but obviously, it’s a sign of a serious disease on democracy. The brutal killings and rapes perpetuated in Kashmir on Hindus and other religious minorities were ignored by the various human rights groups and gender justice groups. How, justice can be cut into pieces? Do the minority and majority have two kinds of justice? What were the reason behind the conspicuous silence of these self-proclaimed rights groups, we are yet to get answer to this question? The very same groups would shamelessly raise human right issues of terror accused, but they would ignore the tears of those who lost their husbands, wives and children and their dear and near to the brutality of terrorists. An international campaign began on September 5, which creates a wrong impression and gives a wrong message to the world as if the rights of people in J&K is being compromised.

The Government of India’s historical decision to throw away all those Constitutional veils to ensure a total constitutional integration of J&K was a surprise to many, more element of surprise was in the absence of any major upheavals against State machinery. It’s quite natural, the State is bound to impose certain restrictions to ensure the rule of law, the process of sanitizing the system comes with certain obvious restrictions, those who portray it as unreasonable should realize, extra ordinary situations warrant extra ordinary remedies, bringing back normalcy in an area often frequented by foreign Kalashnikov wielding mercenaries is not an easy task, our Government and our security forces are performing a historical task with utmost  responsibility. Those, who shed crocodile tears now, over reasonable restrictions imposed by the government aimed at peace, life and security in J&K never spoke when terror danced with a brute rhythm, the explosions, the killings, the brutal rapes, the charred human bodies, the exodus of minorities were non issues to them, let agendas take a back seat, let the bright shine of democracy bring smiles back in every face, let us retrieve the Paradise on Earth.