Let Peace be real and spread to every mind

It has been a momentous week in history of the modern day world primarily for the fact that the head of a State depicted as a monster and dictator who defied the comity of nations by repeatedly launching nuclear missile tests even as rest of the world watched in dazed stupor walked across a line of conflict to shake hands with his immediate neighbouring country’s head of State, shook hands, smiled benevolently at all the hungry wolf-like world-media gazing in quiet disbelief!

This was indeed a statement of diplomacy. Unimaginable for all those gullible masses who are often led to think, muse, believe, deliberate over all secondary news fed to the general public, worldwide, with malice and mischief unbridled, unabashedly!

Peace on Earth!
Peace to Mankind!
Peaceful co-existence!

This has been the avowed objective of all who got admitted to the successor-body of the League of Nations.

One would have blindly continued to believe in the potency of UNO, but for the unmanageable new uprisings springing up all over the globe. Is it really the divergent belief-systems of multifarious religions that govern the lifestyle of any family unit or is it the uneven distribution of natural resources across the households, regions and countries on the planet that cause these unfortunate conflicts, wars and unwritten code of hatred and prejudices?

An in-depth study would, however, reveal two factors which are held responsible for this anomalous situation of ‘have nots ‘ reigning supreme over the ‘haves’ ! First, the one-upmanship attitude displayed by hegemonic mindsets resulting in racism. Second, the improper formulation of policies of resources-management as well as distribution by so-called peoples ‘ democracies the world over!

What ails today’s world isn’t people in power but the abuse of seats of power and the technology to elect these peoples’ leaders. A classic instance is the introduction of a ‘NOTA’ – option in the ballot boxes of India ! ‘None of the above’ or ‘NOTA’ is an unconstitutional introduction made. For, it finds no place in the Constitution and opposes the concept of electoral politics that provides a set procedure for filing of nominations nations and contesting elections by candidates selected by political parties or other such eligible aspirants!

EVMs or the electronic voting machines are the gadgets which supersede a human being and are open to sharp criticism in an era of Government and other websites of sensitive installations getting hacked.

So, is it general lethargy of those who have a bloated ego resulting from superior arms-strength and technologically-led combat-prowess, to indulge in manual work necessitating laborious exercise of mental skills or physical labour (such as in the manufacture of textiles, food products and general engineering skills or traditional craftsmanship) or, is it the sense of superior purchasing power vested by a stronger currency regime which emboldens underpopulated lands to still continue to call the shots over world trade and universal terms of commerce ?
Or, is it a world ruled by proxy powers?
If latter be the truth, each nation must examine the antecedents and past behavioural tendencies of those who represent them abroad as the country’s diplomats, leaders or just business folk!

If South Korea can welcome North Korea and North Korea walk over into the territorial zone of South Korea; and if China can act as the elderly nation to make this happen even as President of United States of America removes all reservations towards such a reconciliation of an old South East Asian region split and divided by war waged by predecessors who sparked such a conflict in the first place and divided lands, what stops two big brother nations-India and China to resolve to shake hands as one brotherhood of oriental civilisation?

But, before any such cultural displays can be believed as genuine affection displayed by two heads of States, let India usher in the much-needed uniform civil code to knit the ancient land into one whole nation of composite laws and civil behavioural treatment to its citizens – across different States and various religions or composition of a 140-billion plus souls combined together as a whole nation of believers in the Preamble to our Constitution which guarantees justice- social, economic, political for all !

Let Peace be real and spread to every mind in the ‘land of peaceful co-existence’.

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