Left Govt should not succumb to pressure to delay EWS quota in PSC: DSJP

The LDF government that claims to represent the dispossessed should not succumb to pressure from any community to delay and deny EWS reservation for forward communities in PSC, the Democratic Social Justice Party (DSJP) said today.

“The LDF cabinet was to approve reservation for EWS in PSC last Wednesday but we understand that the cabinet instead decided to delay decision by seeking legal opinion,” DSJP said in a press statement.

The LDF move, it appears, is motivated by pressure from certain communities to deny justice to the poor among the forward communities. Justice delayed is justice denied and the LDF will pay a high price if they turn their back on  the poor among the forward communities, the statement said.

“Our party had received petitions from several PSC applicants for including EWS catgegory in PSC this year and we had either written to or personally approached the Chief Minister, Governor, Samunnathi Chairman Balakrishna Pillai and even Left MLAs to seek justice but it seems the govt has bowed before pressure tactics,” DSJP President KSR Menon said in a press statement.

“We believe the about turn by the government was prompted by press reports that certain Muslim organisations had asked the government not to give approval for EWS quota in PSC. This is abject surrender to communal pressure tactics and is not acceptable.

“On no account shall the government deny the ten percent reservation for the poor from forward communities as it has already been approved by PSC. DSJP will launch a statewide house to house campaign to create awarness among the forward communities about the appeasement policies of the Left government,” the statement added.