Learn the Basics of Mantra Yoga 2: The Requirements

GURU MANTRA OR IN DREAMS – In Sanskrit texts millions of mantras are there, so the question is how and what to choose? Guru is the best judge of the disciple, he knows his disciples inside out. So guru can select a best-suited mantra which will help and evolve the disciple. Sometimes people see the Mantra in their dreams. But this is very rare phenomena.

UNIVERSAL MANTRA OM – If one can’t meet his guru, he can select the universal mantra

MANTRA – NATURE of INDIVIDUAL – The selection of mantras is based on the nature of an individual, his mind, physique and spiritual stage of development. For example :

  • Gayatri Mantra relate to the sympathetic nervous system, so if a person is aggressive in nature and starts chanting Gayatri, he may start getting angry early as Gayatri Mantra triggers Sympathetic activities
  • Mahamrutyunjay – parasympathetic nervous system
  • Pouranic mantra (Om namah shivay, Hare ram hare krishna, Om namo narayan)

Generally Mantras can be classified into 2 categories

  1. Tantric Mantras – These mantras have origin in Tantras, thousands of different mantras exist and they can be practised for specific purposes, such as achieving wealth, health, success, curing specific diseases, longevity or even for doing bad to someone. But this mantras to be learnt from Guru and has a lot of restrictions. The effects are also fast for these mantras. These mantras are difficult to learn.
  2. Pouranic Mantras – These are relatively simple and can be practised by anyone, they are easy to learn and helps purify emotions of the human mind. These mantras are safe, slowly the practice of these mantras leads to ultimate salvation.
    Total faith in Mantra – One must have complete faith in the mantra, without faith even the medicine is useless, so absolute belief is necessary before practising mantras

Yantra – psychic shape of mantra, an impression of mantra in the subconscious mind has great significance, one can focus on these during the chanting of the mantra and increase the effects of mantra or achieve the results faster. Popular Shree Yantra, Laxmi Yantra are also associated with related Mantras, it is said that if one focuses on the yantras, he still can get the same benefits as that of chanting the mantra.