Ladakh farmers, pashmina growers express happiness on PM’s appeal to public to buy local products

Ladakh farmers, pashmina growers and other artisans have expressed happiness on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to the public to buy local products at least for two years from now.

In today’s Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi appealed the public to go for local products to celebrate 75th anniversary of Independence, in true Gandhian spirit.

Ladakh has several local products from traditional handicrafts to clothing range and food items. Its unique products have been neglected in the process of urbanisation and modernization.

Local handicraft, pashmina producers and farmers say that PM’s appeal to go for local products would help in their business and employment generation in Ladakh region.

Similarly, PM also appealed to form astronomy clubs to encourage rural picnics for stargazing. High altitude Ladakh is an ideal place for stargazing in the country. One can view stars and planetary formations in Ladakh sky even with the naked eye.

PM also referred to High altitude Astronomy observatory in Hanley, in Leh, which is proud for Ladakh in the world map of astronomical observation and studies.