Krishna O Krishna

I am the teal edging your expansive Indigo
A slender waif of stranded distinctness
As I spin in the stairs of your ascension
Awaiting the moment of eternal dissolution
When my essences will merge into the steadiness
Of your cosmic serenity
The tug of your hold upon my conscience
You revealed to me your presence in myriad ways
From morsels of grains in my beseeching palm
To glimpses of you experienced through slits of them and now
O Krisna, the dark one, embrace me in your darkness
Till I am one devoid of a presence
Blissfully with you in our unison
I know you will never let go
No matter how fragile my hold
And as I struggle to let go my ‘I’
Tethering at the edge of an abyss that swallowed time
Watching the dust of my being disintegrate
And mingle with ethereal waves
Only to find myself being churned
Into a thin veneer of emergence
Like your favourite elixir ‘butter’
Floating on your formless endless ocean
I am not yet your ‘bhakt’,
Not yet matured to your divine ways
Yet so strange this connection
That I remain questing you
Like a lost herdsman in dessert dunes
And with each fall you take me higher
Into relams of higher truths unscreened
The truth of your name echoes
At the fringe of an unknown horizon
And I continue to spin around
The Anchorage of your name O’ Krisna Krisna

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