Know a person looking at his ears!

The physical highlights of an individual are firmly identified with the character, as indicated by ‘Lakshana Sastra’, a part of Indian astrology. According to Lakshana Sastra, size, shape and highlights of ears also mirror the fortunes, character and character of an individual.

Small ears demonstrate regard, great conduct just as warmth. Then again, if the ear cartilages are thick, the individual most presumably has an enthusiastic character. In the meantime, if the ear cartilage is round fit as a fiddle, it might demonstrate that the individual qualities connections. Nonetheless, a man or lady may show tenacity if the ear cartilage is thick and raised a piece.

Individuals with exceptionally little ears are believed to be bashful and humble. They are likewise liable to be contemplative people. Comparable attributes are frequently appeared by individuals having long and meager ears as well.

On the off chance that the ears are of medium size, the individual could be enthusiastic and unflinching. In any case, in the event that the ears are huge and the ear cartilage is meaty, the individual might be unyielding. Such an individual may be a delight searcher as well.

The indication of a solid and vivacious character is sharp ears. Such individuals frequently make an imprint in the public eye.

In the interim, great conduct and legitimate direct are shown by ears looking like a plump cashew nut. So also, ears collapsed inwards could imply that the individual is garrulous. Wide ears could be an indication that the individual is a craftsman.