Kill Hindu teacher by stoning for criticizing hartal: Islamists tell school kids  

Islamists have called upon Muslim students to kill a teacher in Malappuram district who had voiced his anger against the anti-Hindu hartal staged by pro-jihadi outfits in Kerala which saw large-scale violence and destruction Hindu places of worship. The hartal was organized to protest Kathua rape-murder incident.

The teacher had put up a Facebook post in which he had criticized the way the hartal was carried out in the state. The Pinarayi Vijayan government did precious little to curb violence, as CPI(M) is using jihadist elements to contain Muslim League. Several Hindu temples were targeted but there were not adequate coverage of the violence by Kerala media infested with Leftwing activists.

Messages are being circulated through WhatsApp calling for murder of the teacher of VVMHSS school in Marakkara. His Facebook post reads: “The killing of eight-year-old in Jammu and Kashmir was brutal and the culprits should be punished. But similar incidents have taken place elsewhere in India but never had we witnessed any such protests in the state.” This has annoyed Islamists and they calling for his murder.

One WhatsApp message reads: “There are about 500 students in the school and if each student picks up three stones, he can easily be done to death.” The BJP local unit has sought police protection for the teacher.

During hartal, the protesters singled out shops and vehicles owned by Hindus for attack. This has triggered communal tension in many areas in the Northern Kerala.