Kerala’s Human Rights panel files case against Mohanlal for supporting Janata Curfew

Kerala State Human Rights Commission has become a political tool in the hands of politicians to harass well-meaning citizens. On the basis of a complaint filed by a fame-seeking youth, the rights panel has filed a case against Kerala’s most popular actor Mohanlal ostensibly for spreading ‘superstition’. But at the core of the controversy is Mohanlal’s support for Prime Minister’s Janata Curfew. The complainant alleged that Mohanlal through his blog has tried to spread superstition by saying that clapping would kill viruses.

“The Kerala rights panel consists of a bunch of morons who have lost their sense of judgement. The state government by keeping open liquor outlets is putting the lives of citizens at danger. But the panel has done nothing. They do all these things to keep some jihadis, ultra leftists in good humour,” said Rajiv, a social activist.


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