Kerala: Young man hides his friend’s wife in a room for four years

In another shocking incident, a young man from the Malappuram district of Kerala hid his girlfriend and the mother of one child for 4 years in a tiny room.

In 2013, the woman left her children and husband and went with her boyfriend. Her husband complained to the police that his wife was missing, but the investigation did not go as usual. Eventually, the case file was returned.

Meanwhile, with the news that many girls have gone missing in the state, the investigation on the girl was started again in 2017.

An investigation into the phone numbers revealed the location of the couple. He was apprehended by the police at a wood shop where the youth was working at Nilambur in Malappuram. He then arrived at the residence with the young man but there were no signs of delay.

The house was locked from the outside. The neighbour told police that the house was unoccupied and that he would return in the evening. Police then got the young man out of the jeep and asked him to open the house.

When the man opened the door his girlfriend opened the door. Neighbours and locals who had also not seen a woman in the house for the past four years were shocked.

Arrested by the police, but the woman expressed willingness to go with her lover.