Kerala woman village officer’s suicide attempt: 8 communist goons charged with non-bailable offence

Eight communist goons, including a panchayat president, have been charged in a case of attempt to suicide by a woman village officer in Thrissur.

The incident happened on Monday when the village officer named CN Simi tried to commit suicide by alleging that the panchayat administration was mentally abusing her.

Simi, a woman village officer, cut her wrist in front of the panchayat president and the police shouting ‘better kill me’.

The village officer said that the group, which included the president and members of the governing body of the CPM-ruled Puthur panchayat, detained her and abused.

This is not the first time people attempt to commit suicide because of the mental torture of Communist goons. Though often police manage to arrest the culprits, the cases are often waved off due to political pressure.