Kerala to have world’s largest Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple

The world’s largest and India’s first Srichakra Mahameru temple will be built at Perumpuzha, Kollam. The temple is being constructed in the Sreesankaracharya Math and will be completed in 2024. The Sreesankaracharya Temple Trust is spearheading the construction. The construction of the Shree Chakra Temple will begin tomorrow, the 41st birthday of the Deity Swami Souparnika Vijendrapuri. Swami Souparnika Vijendra Puri is the chief of the Shankaracharya Balapeeths in India, the President of the Loka Hindu Sabha and the General Secretary of the Bharata Hindu Acharya Sabha.

Sri Chakra Temple will be a 130 feet high temple spread over seven floors. The main deity is Bala Tripura Sundari Induroopini Devi. The temple will be known as Sribala – Shiva Shakti – Mahameru Temple. The Sri Chakra will be placed atop of the temple.The deity will be installed after reciting all the expressions of the 1008 Goddess concepts in a special way.

Sri Lanka currently has the largest Sri Chakra Temple in the world. That temple is 52 feet high and is dedicated to Sri Bala.In Perumpuzha, the temple will have a complete shrine following the rituals of Agam, Vedic and Tantric. The Sri Chakra Temple will have three other temples that are not open to the public and only to celibate Tantrics. About 250 sculptors from Thanjavur will be staying in Kollam with a special devotion to make the temple in Krishna Shila. The stones will be completely covered with silver.