Kerala that claimed to have sufficient beds for COVID 19 patients now says beds in short supply, Amends discharge norms for patients with severe symptoms

Two-and-a-half months after withdrawing the ‘two positives’ norm for the discharge of COVID-19 patients, the Health Department has come up with yet another amendment to the discharge policy that, though a minor tweak, could considerably increase the daily recovery rate.

The change is only for Category B patients (those with severe symptoms). Till now, such patients has to be in the hospital for at least 14 days. The first follow-up test could be done on these patients only on the 14th day since the onset of symptoms. From now on, Category B patients can be discharged on the 10th day if they turn negative and have no symptoms. The first follow-up test can be now be done earlier, on the 10th day of the onset of symptoms.