Kerala sexual assault complainant woman slams CM over his stance protecting the accused

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

The woman who raised a sexual assault complaint in Kundara criticised Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan over his stance in the case. She also questioned the CM’s stance which supports the minister who is facing allegations over allegedly intervening to settle the sexual assault complaint.

“The Chief Minister has been claiming that his government is taking women-friendly actions. But now, he has taken a stance favouring Saseendran. With this, the Chief Minister is giving a message that women who experience similar issues can expect such a stance from the government,” slammed the woman.

“CM is openly declaring that such things will happen in Kerala. He is giving a message that this is the kind of security they will give to women. I didn’t expect such a response from the CM. So far, I haven’t uttered a word against the CM before the media. But now, I’m forced to make such remarks on hearing this disgusting stance. Minister Saseendran must resign. He doesn’t deserve to be a minister,” added the complainant woman.

She declared that she will move legally against Saseendran.