Kerala Salafist threatens liberal Muslims: ‘we will demolish all makbaras and un-Islamic structures’

In an audacious Facebook post, an extremist Salafi activist has claimed that his colleagues have demolished many makbaras (mausoleums) in Kerala and threatened to do so in future as well. He has posted a video and a photograph of a demolished tomb.

In the video message, he says in mahal committees wherever Salafists managed to gain control; the first thing they will do is to destroy tombs erected along with the mosques, as they are un-Islamic. “This is the sunnat of Allah’s rasool (messenger). This is not terrorism.  Allah’s rasool had taught us not to spare any of such structures. He had personally instructed Ali ibn Abi Talib  to demolish all such structures. We had done it yesterday, today and we will do it tomorrow also. We Salafis have done it in Saudi Arabia. If some muddle-headed, braindead mullahs say this is extremism, no thinking person will accept that except a few fools. You should understand this.”

So far police have not taken any action, though many similar incidents have taken place in the district

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