Kerala results: A lesson for all India 

Even as rest of India is painted saffron, so to speak, with the rousing return of Prime Minister Pradhansewak-cum-chowkidar Number 1, PM Modi as the head of a resurgent Government of India, the results from the tiny southern state of Kerala are the mirror to be held to the face of the victory brigade. Why so?

The coastal districts of Kerala predominantly house Latin Christians as citizens of India. There was a tremendously overwhelming ninety percent (90%) voter turnout there. Congress party won!

Thiruvananthapuram witnessed the Sabarimala women’s march and very strong public protests. The Nair community is strong there in this district. Yet, only a sixty percent (60%) voter turnout was recorded. Leading again to the loss of BJP party. A sitting member of the Congress party returned to power belying the hopes of many ardent devotees of Lord Sri Ayyappa Swamy.

So, the hard lesson on ensuring a large turnout of your voter support base apart, which is the biggest take-home from

Kerala results? That if the so called minority communities are targeted by hardline eschewing political short sightedness, the majority’s interests will suffer – most irrefutably and almost irreparable too.

Muslims and Christians in Kerala sailed with the Congress party as a show of protest against media-hyped beef-lynching in other parts and triple-talaq like ‘hostile’ acts of the ‘good governance’ Modi era. In the result, the majority Hindu population of Kerala are bound to suffer ignominious lesser citizen treatment at hands of lowly leaders who cannot think beyond religion or creed and hatred.

This, hatred of one returned by even more hatred by the hated only compounds and perpetuates evil phenomenon of mistrust among people of one Nation.

If this major defect is to be removed, either the overt parading of a half-hearted attempt to ensure uniform civil code must be stopped or a bold and affirmative step of enacting a common civil code be taken up without much ado or delay. Likewise, dietary habits be confined to kitchens of homes and not be dragged to the public sphere. After all, no God or Goddess has prescribed a particular menu or prohibited eating of plants and animals to help sustain oneself. Although, the immortal, divine book of eternal light – Bhagwat Gita throws wisdom on the after effects of dietary habits on the psychological behavioural aspects of mankind.

Especially so if the government is incapable of halting wanton export of best produce of fruits and vegetables without firstly letting these be made available to the native population of India!

Of cabbages and kings? Of Kerala and rest of India?

May, it’s a tale of the line dividing short-sightedness and broad minded nationalism. If this absolute majority government succumbs to authoritarianism, Kerala can get replicated elsewhere in the foreseeable future (just as Congress had ridiculed a two-MPs BJP party two decades ago to only become a laughing stock across Indian nation today).

Please focus on co-existence and avoid divisive rhetoric as well as fissiparous policies of a New India is to be built with the stunning victory of 2019.