Kerala Policeman dies after consuming surgical spirit to booze

A policeman in Kerala dies today after consuming surgical spirit. A friend of the deceased officer was arrested in connection with the incident who is believed to have supplied spirit instead of liquor. The incident happened in the wee hours of Sunday.

An officer of Malappuram Reserve Battalion Akhil aka Kannan (35), son of Ittiva Charipparamba native Chandran Pillai, is the one who collapsed and died on the way to hospital the other day.

Akhil returned home from his workplace on Friday and had vomiting on Saturday. He died on the way to medical college. His friend and neighbour Gireesh (28) also was hospitalised after he had vomiting.

It was found that both of them had consumed liquor in high quantity. There was suspicion that they had consumed liquor mixed with spirit. This was confirmed after the postmortem.