Kerala Police Battalion loses guns and ammunition, Dummy bullets used to cover up for the loss, Shocking report by CAG

In a shocking report the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has reported that the Special Armed Police Battalion (SAPB) of the Kerala Police has lost guns and ammunition. The report was tabled in the Assembly yesterday.

The CAG report says that there is a shortage of 25 INSAS rifles and 12,061 bullets from the armoury of the SAPB. The bullets that were lost include 1578 bullets used in AK-47 rifles and 1835 used in the INSAS rifles. The other missing bullets are used in self-loading rifles.

Shockingly, the CAG noticed that the Police department sought to cover up the missing ammunition by replacing it with dummy ones.

The CAG report says, “The police department failed to act upon the report of the board and trace the missing ammunition and fix responsibility on the officials who committed the serious offence of fraudulent re-packing of the rounds.”

The report has already kick-started a controversy against the police and the government. This could seriously dent the image of the Chief Minister who is also handling the home portfolio on the state.