Kerala or Pakistani Media? Asianet overstates the condition in Kashmir; says it is nothing but chaos prevailing in the state

While most of the Indian media facilitate the government in maintaining peace and harmony in Kashmir, Kerala Media are into further worsening the condition publishing anti-national news portraying Kashmir in turmoil. Asianet, a popular channel in Kerala says when they sought feedback from many people to find out, the replies were ‘furious’.

“The situation here is not very peaceful. There is Curfew. The claim that the Kashmiri people are happy is a lie. We are not happy, our phones are not working. We live not knowing what’s going on around.” The channel quotes. India has taken away our rights, powerless common people are being silenced by the guns of the army – The report continues.

The report says that people in Kashmir think that India is not in need of Kashmirees, but only the land. “We don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know where our leaders are. Many of our brothers are in prisons. They have been jailed without even telling them what to do. We are too scared to even respond.” – Two masked college girls claim in the video.

The report indicates that the news team headed by Prashant Raghuvamsham is presently in Kashmir, however, the approach is similar to that of Pakistani media that have been describing anarchy prevailing in Kashmir. People in the state Kerala that claims to be the ‘intellectual capital’ of the country already are fed with antinationalistic news by a number of leftist media, whereas the ‘live’ reporting from Kashmir has evoked major criticism from nationalists.

Earlier Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan during his Independence Day speech had attacked the Centre cautioning against attempts to weaken and violate the Constitution and said the values enshrined in the Constitution should be protected. In a veiled attack on the Centre, he said India is a country where states enjoy special privileges and any infringement into their rights would amount to the violation of the Constitution and federal principles.