Kerala Muslim Youth League leader urges government to sell liquor through ration shops

A Kerala Muslim Youth League leader has urged the CM that the government should consider selling liquor through ration shops. The request was made in a Facebook post by Youth League Malappuram District Joint Secretary Ghulam Hasan Alamgir.

It was following the pressure from the opposition party and strict direction from the central government, Kerala decided to close down the beverage outlets which are the major sources of income for the government. The youth leader alleged that the government is deliberately ignoring the social issue of alcoholism in the state so that they could blame the opposition party.

Earlier Kerala Muslim Youth League state president Panakkad Munawararali Shihab Thangal had asked the chief minister to shut down the beverage outlets. The post of the youth leader, however, invited stringent criticism from the public as well as his party workers.

Ghulam Hassan withdrew the Facebook post following criticism from within the party. In a new Facebook post, he said he was not glorifying alcohol, but was referring to the social anarchy caused by abusing alcohol and thereby pointing to the ruling party waiting to put the blame on the opposition.