Kerala minister’s son hold share worth 1 lakh in BJP affiliate media, Janam TV publishes evidence

A tit for tat reply to CPM leadership that continues arguing that the controversial gold smuggling case accused Swapna Suresh has shares in Janam TV, the BJP affiliate media today published evidence showing that Minister G. Sudhakaran’s son Navneet Sudhakaran’s has also stake in Janam TV.

As per the document released by Janam TV, Navneet has invested Rs 1 lakh in TV. A thousand shares of Rs.1000 are in the name of the minister’s son. Navneet is listed on the list of 3411 shareholders.

Minister Sudhakaran’s son’s name came into the spotlight when CPM leadership alleged that Swapna Suresh is a stakeholder in Janam TV. Regarding the smuggling case, the CPM is leading a statewide campaign in order to prove that BJP has its role in the case.

Earlier Janam TV coordinating editor Anil Nambiar was questioned in connection with a smuggling case which the opponents propagated as an evidence of BJP connection with the incident.