Kerala Minister had to Change the tyres of his vehicle 34 Times, Innova Crysta Customers Concerned about the Quality of Its Tyres!

An answer to RTI query has, in fact, shocked the people in Kerala, not because it is about the Electricity Minister of the state MM Mani, but by learning that the poor minister had to change the tyre of his car 34 times in two years. People in the state have even started being concerned about the quality of Toyota’s Innova Christa!

The RTI information also revealed the statistics of tyres changed by other ministers. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had changed 11 tyres on his official vehicle in four instances. Meanwhile, minister A. K. Balan changed only two tyres on his official vehicle in the last two years. However, netizens and trollers are having a blast on social media over an RTI response.

While some say that travelling through rough terrain to serve the public would cost the minister one new tyre per day, others said in Mani’s typical style that the pathetic condition of roads was the reason the minister had to change tyres so frequently. Others say that the minister was trying to help rubber cultivators by creating his own Tyre-Yojna programme.

Nevertheless, it seems like the trolls have also become a headache for Toyota. The company’s Facebook page is also flooded with trolls and its admins have their hands full providing explanations to the trolls and doubts. What is perplexing is that has this car ever covered a humongous long distance in just 30 months even if it is assumed that a new tyre could at least cover a distance of 40,000 km!