Kerala Minister G Sudhakaran’s son among shareholders in the Channel, says Janam TV Chief Editor GK Suresh Babu, slams CPM’s blame-game to tarnish Kerala’s popular media

In a scathing attack to CPM led Kerala government, Janam TV channel chief editor G K Suresh Babu said that their party members, including minister G Sudhakaran’s son, are among the shareholders in the channel. He was responding to the allegation that Kerala gold smuggling case accused Swapna Suresh having shares in the channel.

“CPM members are propagating that Swapna holds a share in Janam TV. It is a big lie. I can assert that no anti-social holds share in Janam TV. Because we have chosen the shareholders after examining their background in detail,” said GK Suresh Babu.

“Only people who have a national interest have invested in Janam TV. We have 5300 shareholders at present. Daily wage workers to IT professionals are among our shareholders. PWD minister G Sudhakaran’s son is also our shareholder,” he further said.

He also added that Janam is not a channel owned or controlled by any political party. He also supported K Surendran’s statement that Janam is not a BJP channel.

Earlier in an exclusive interview with Indus Scrolls Malayalam, GK Suresh Babu had condemned the state government’s blame-game to tarnish the name of Janam TV that played a major role in bringing the gold smuggling case into the notice of the public.

The CPM leadership, in order to save themselves from the attacks from various sides on a number of serious allegations, is now criticising media and opposition for ‘playing foul’. The government has also said that it will approach Press Council against ‘fake news’ on Kerala secretariat fire incident too.