Kerala Minister Calls Congress Candidate Demoness and later corrects she was his ‘sister’ – Did the minister agree that he was a Demon too?

g sudhakaran putana

As assembly polls are round the corner, a communist minister of Kerala has sparked controversy by addressing a UDF candidate the name of a succubus Putana referred in Mahabharat. The Kerala state Public Works Department (PWD) minister G. Sudhakaran who is notorious for his foul remarks used to term to call the United Democratic Front (UDF) candidate in the state.

In what seemed to be reference against The UDF candidate Shanimol Usman, G. Sudhakaran said that “Aroor was not a constituency for ‘Putanas’ to win.” The minister also alleged that UDF was trying to secure victory using crocodile tears and lies. His words came as the minister was speaking at a family meeting in the locality.

G Sudhakaran’s remarks have attracted widespread anger from across the state which experts consider would worsen the already deformed image of the party.

It is not the first time Communist ministers who are also notorious for their goondaism making hatred speeches. Leaders have even faced jail terms for their irresponsible comments. However, considering the elections at the doorstep, the minister has come up with another statement in which he addressed the same Putana as his sister.


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