Kerala Minister and District Collector Violate Lockdown Guidelines; Appear in Public without Masks

Photo Courtesy: Balagopal P

While stringent rules apply to citizens across the country to control the global pandemic, Kerala minister, MLA and an IAS officer have been spotted violating lockdown guidelines. The pictures of E Chandrashekharan, Revenue Minister of Kerala, K Kunhiraman, MLA of the local constituency and Kasaragod district collector Dr. Sajith Babu has evoked stringent criticism from various quarters.

The photo shows Revenue minister and in-charge of relief works in Kerala’s Kasaragod E Chandrashekharan and CPM MLA from Udma constituency at the proposed site of Tata hospital who are there to evaluate the progress of work. Among the people, we can both without wearing masks while the government has made it mandatory to wear to prevent coronavirus infection.

In the second picture, Dr. Sajith Babu is found in Kasaragod railway station for a flag-off ceremony of the special train for migrant workers, who is also seen without wearing a mask.

The negligence of the people’s representatives and the top bureaucrat has evoked rage among people whereas people question if the rules are applicable only for common men.

The Kerala government had earlier decided to penalize people who do not wear masks while going out in public places. According to the state police chief, the penalty will be levied under Section 290 of Indian Penal Code which pertains to punishment for public nuisance.

The penalty for this offence is Rs 200. However, if a person is found to be repeating the offence, he or she would be fined an amount of Rs 5,000.