Kerala Marxist MP’s daughter becomes ‘Love Jihad’ victim?

Although hundreds of CPI(M) party workers and their kin had become victims of organised ‘Love Jihad’ perpetrated by extremist Islamist elements, the party always publicly maintained that ‘Love Jihad’ was a Sangh Parivar propaganda. They used to vociferously argue that the Sangh Parivar organisations were levelling this allegation to malign the Muslim community, though a state government’s report clearly show a clear pattern in the inter-religious marriages in the state. Despite the mounting evidence of Love Jihad cases, the Left-leaning media toed the CPI(M) line.

Now, a Marxist MP from North Kerala has become the latest high-profile victim of Love Jihad, wherein the senior leader’s daughter, who had eloped with a Muslim man, who, according to party sources, has dumped her after a few months of live-in relation. The MP is said to have got his party involved to settle the issue. After arm-twisting by the party, the boy is learnt to have agreed to marry the girl. The girl will convert to Islam, said a source. Although the MP has been putting up a brave front, sources close to him say that the incident had taken a heavy toll on him.

Meanwhile, when the issue became a talking point in the social media, the MP came out with a statement, saying that the marriage was fixed with the consent of relatives from both the sides. He insisted that this was not a case of Love Jihad.  Given the sensitivity of the case, we are not naming the victim or identifying the political leader.

The party’s stance on the issue of Love Jihad has upset a section of the party workers.

In a bid to garner support of extremist elements, the CPI(M) even downplayed the statement made by one of its tallest leaders and former Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan, who, in 2010, stated that the radical Popular Front of India (PFI) was aiming to convert Kerala into a “Muslim country” in the next 20 years. He said, “Their strategy is to make Muslims a majority community in Kerala… In 20 years, they want to make Kerala a Muslim majority state.” For this, they indulge in Love Jihad, who later would push the victims to terror activities. A Christian married woman who had converted to Islam after falling in love with a terror accused was used as a courier to carry SIM cards to a dreaded terrorist. Nimisha, who was trapped in a Love Jihad relationship, has reportedly left the country to wage jihad against “infidels”.




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