Kerala man dedicates a temple for Coronavirus; Installs Goddess Corona to help the needy

While the world is still struggling with the coronavirus pandemic and researchers are busy finding an effective vaccine, a man has found yet another way to help the world – to dedicate a temple for the novel coronavirus! He named the goddess to worship too – Goddess Coronavirus! The incident is reported from Kerala.

Anilan Nambuthiri, chairman of the Muhurtham Charitable Trust, based in Kollam district of Kerala is the ‘kind’ man who dedicated the temple to enable people to worship Goddess coronavirus and to get rid of the pandemic. It is not the first time he comes in the limelight of media – earlier, in order to eradicate people’s belief that Saturn would cause malicious effects, he had established a temple in which his nine-year-old daughter installed the idol of Lord Shani.

“I have established the temple and Goddess Coronavirus in accordance with the constitutional freedom to worship. Goddess Coronavirus is being worshiped here,” says Anilan Nambuthiri. “I dedicate the temple to those health workers, scientists trying to find vaccines, police-fire & rescue officers, other media personnel, journalists and expatriates reporting the information in real-time.”

Though the temple has evoked mixed feeling among people in different walks of life, the real inspiration behind the act is a satire as per the words of Anilan Nambuthiri. He says that the idea evolved looking at the ongoing controversy if to allow devotees in a temple or not and the way politicians taking this opportunity for their gains. He further said that finding god in everything in and around us is the very core of Hinduism. Installation of the idol of Goddess Coronavirus is just to protest against the controversies around.

Anyways, unlike other temples, Anilan Nambuthiri doesn’t charge anything for offering in the temple of Goddess Coronavirus. Anyone who needs an offering can simply call him, he promises that the prasad will be sent by post or courier.