Kerala Man Attempted To Sell Snake Meat Curry Arrested By Forest Officials

Image courtesy: Malayala Manorama

In a shocking incident, a Kerala man has been sacked for attempting to sell curry made up of snake meat in snake meat curry in Cochin. The accused VJ Biju alias Marappatti Biju was arrested by the forest department under Wildlife Conservation Act, reports say.

The man killed and cooked the meat of rat snake which is commonly seen in the state. However, soon after preparing the curry, he offered it for his friends telling that it is dish prepared with python snake which is considered a delicacy and believed to have health benefits. However, the information was leaked and forest officials rushed to the site.

“He had publicised via word of mouth that he caught a python, in order to sell its meat. That is how we got the information. Usually, pythons are hunted for its meat, but some people eat whatever snakes they get,” PK Thampi, Kothamangalam Range Forest Officer, told media. Cooked meat was also seized from his house by the officials.

As per reports, the accused is a convict in a number of criminal cases in the locality. Surprisingly, the man demanded alcohol in exchange with the ‘meat of python snake’ that he believed will attract his friends. Forest officials have charged him for beating the snake to death, under the Wildlife protection act. The Indian rat snake is protected under Schedule 2 category of the Wild Life Protection Act, 1962.