Kerala makes mask mandatory for 1 year, protests not allowed without nod

The state government has issued the Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Ordinance, according to which the people have to wear the mask covering their nose and mouth at public places, workplaces and while travelling in vehicles. The restriction will exist till one year or another ordinance is issued cancelling this.

Any protest, strike, procession, conference or other gathering is not allowed without prior permission in writing. Not more than 10 people can take part in these events. Maximum 50 people are allowed to attend wedding ceremonies at a time and only 20 people can attend funeral ceremonies. All of them should wear mask, use sanitizer and maintain 6-feet distance.

Maximum 20 people can be present in commercial establishments at a time. People should not spit on public places, road or footpath. Those who come from other states or union territories should record their details on E-Jagratha portal. Persons who violate the rules and regulations will be punished as per the Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Ordinance.