Kerala Life Mission Controversy: Red Crescent is not a voluntary organization, Major lapse by Kerala Government

Rejecting Kerala government’s claim that UAE based Red Crescent is a voluntary organisation, the Central Government has found that it is but a UAE government agency. With this, the Central Government considers that the state’s failure to seek prior permission for the Life Mission project in Vadakancherry is a serious violation of rules.

Earlier, the Ministry of External Affairs had said that the MoU on cooperation between the state government and the Red Crescent was signed without permission. The Center had also found that the Red Crescent was not allowed to operate in India. It was only later that it was discovered that the Red Crescent was not an NGO but a government agency.

In this case, the Central Government assesses that the Life Mission-Red Crescent deal was a clear violation of norms. As per reports, the Center will take a final decision next week on seeking an explanation from the state government on the incident.