Kerala ISRO Scientist Murdered Inside His Hyderabad Flat

Kerala ISRO Scientist Murdered Inside His Hyderabad Flat

A scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was on Tuesday found murdered in his apartment here, police said. The Police S Suresh, 56, was allegedly killed by unknown persons at his flat at Annapurna Apartment in Ameerpet area in the heart of the city.

On Monday, Suresh had left to home from office at 5.30 p.m. On Tuesday he was absent in the office, followed by which the officials tried to connect him on phone. But his phone was switched off. Subsequently, an investigation was put and found Suresh lying in a pool of blood in the flat. According to the primary investigation there are three cuts on the back of the head. SR Nagar Police Inspector S Murali Krishna said that due to the flat being an old one, there were no CCTV cameras and also no valuable items have gone missing from the flat.

Suresh reportedly stayed alone at the Annapoorna Apartment. As he did not report to work on Tuesday, enquiries were conducted and he was found murdered at the flat by night. After his colleagues could not reach him on his phone, they contacted his wife in Chennai and passed on the information. The relatives subsequently complained to the police. The police then conducted a probe and searched the flat, from where Suresh’s body was found.

The cops have intensified the probe into the murder case and have checked the CCTV images of the flat. The police said that they have got clear leads on the culprit.


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