Kerala hides Covid deaths, Health Minister only interested in cover photos; alleges Muraleedharan

Amid the rising curve of COVID-19 cases in Kerala, Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party leader V Muraleedharan on Thursday blamed the state government for not taking adequate steps to prevent the outbreak.

Speaking to media here, he also alleged that the state was hiding the Covid death numbers.

“The guidelines regarding Covid deaths as issued by ICMR and WHO are not followed in Kerala. More than 40 percent of the deaths are not included,” he added.

He also said that the government was trying to establish an image of unique situation in the state. That’s why they have decided to reopen the cinemas. They appointed PR agencies globally and created an image of restricting Covid successfully. But currently, 40 percent of the daily cases in the country is from Kerala, he said.

“Yesterday, the largest number of Covid cases were reported in Kerala. The state government is not taking precautionary measures. Now, they have decided to open every sector despite the increasing number of cases. I urge the state government to be more cautious.”

Even the Opposition is not pointing out the lapses. Even now, Chief Minister and Health Minister claim Kerala effectively restricted Covid spread. Home quarantine measures were a total failure. The 2.5 lakh beds prepared for quarantining expatriates mysteriously disappeared, he said.

“The people who took credit for Covid resistance activities are now refusing to take responsibility for the failure. Health Minister is now more interested in being cover pictures of the fashion magazines,” he further alleged.