Kerala Health dept terminates 432 medical staff from service for unauthorized leave amid pandemic

Pinarayi Vijayan and Shailaja Teacher (File Pic)

Kerala Health Department has terminated 432 employees including 385 doctors, who took unauthorized leave amid Covid pandemic, from service. 385 doctors and 47 other healthcare workers have been dismissed.

They have been staying away from duty without permission for several years. They were instructed several times by authorities, by serving notices and through the media, to reenter the service.

The employees who did not rejoin the service despite these instructions have been dismissed from service.

There is a shortage of healthcare workers due COVID crisis. It was in this context that they were told to enter the service.

385 doctors, who were permanent and on probation, went on unauthorized leave. The terminated healthcare workers included 5 health inspectors, 4 pharmacists, 1 filaria inspector and 20 staff nurses.