Kerala Gold smuggling case: Investigation likely to extend to CM

The government is now worried whether the probe will reach the Chief Minister’s office when Sivasankar is repeatedly being questioned by the investigation agencies in the gold smuggling case.

The other say, CPM general secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had boasted that the only Left-ruling state in the country is the party’s heartbeat. But now the party fears that investigation by all the agencies will cease that heartbeat too.

The statements of the alleged Life Mission scam and the distribution of palm dates are being linked to the Chief Minister’s office. It is already clear from the statements of the accused in the gold smuggling that the distribution of dates took place in the conference hall of the Chief Minister.

As the investigation agency is interrogating M Sivasankar for several times now, it is suspected that the next interrogation will extend to the CM’s office. None of the agency has given a clean chit to Sivasankar.

The question also arises as to why the party is afraid to face investigation if it has not committed anything wrong.