Kerala gold smuggling case accused Swapna Suresh a regular visitor at official residence of CM, report

The accused in the high profile gold smuggling case Swapna Suresh was a regular visitor at the Chief Minister’s official residence Cliff House. In June alone she had visited four times at CM’s residence, reports Janam TV.

It was revealed from the phone call records of Swapna Suresh. The National Investigation Agency is believed to have started to examine her visit to Cliff House.

The NIA had earlier said that Swapna Suresh had a major influence in the CM’s office. Evidence has emerged that Swapna was the mediator in the Life Mission project signed by the Chief Minister himself. It seems to be a tough time for the government.

Knowing about the Life Mission project, it was Janam TV that exposed Swapna Suresh’s regular visit to the Cliff House with evidence.

The investigation team came to know about this after checking the tower location and GPS location of Swapna’s mobile number.