Kerala Crime Branch looks into the unnatural deaths of RSS BJP workers in the state

Kerala’s Crime Branch has started collecting information regarding the suspicious deaths of RSS BJP workers as terror group Jam– Iyyathul Ihsania’s involvement was found in the deaths of RSS BJP workers that were earlier thought to be due to road accidents.

Jam-Iyyathul Ihsania, an extremist organisation, was formed in the year 1992. Saithalavi Anvari, the prime member of the terror group, moved to Dubai and a number of RSS BJP workers found dead during that time.

Jam-Iyyathul Ishania’s involvement came to light in August 1996, after the killings of RSS BJP workers. Most of the terrorists fled to foreign countries after committing crimes.

Jam-Iyyathul Ishania member Moinudeen, the real accused of RSS worker Kunnamkulam Thozhiyur Sunil’s murder, was arrested days back. The ‘real’ accused was arrested 25 years after the murder. Sunil was brutally killed in the year 1994.