Kerala CPI(M) state secretary gets ‘son’-stroke

Binoy Kodiyeri

There are reports of a cheating case involving Binoy Kodiyeri in Dubai. The amount involved is Rs 13 crores. Dubai Police is reported to have registered a case against Binoy, the son of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, PB member and Kerala state secretary of CPM, based on a complaint lodged by a tourism business house. Reports suggest that Government of UAE will seek the help of Interpol to nab the accused.  Dubai Public Prosecutor is said to have taken steps in this respect. There are reports that the complainants have reached Thiruvananthapuram and approached the top brass of the CPM in Kerala for solving the issue. The complaint is about money borrowed by the accused from the company and several cheques issued by him; the cheques bounced and he fled the country.

Serious meetings and moves are taking place in Thiruvananthapuram to settle the case before it goes to a point of no return. Some sources believe that some rich business houses, both abroad and back home, may step in to save the CPM’s face. Obviously, CPM is having a very good rapport and relations with big business houses. Both are hand-in-glove to help each other. Since CPM-LDF regime took over in May 2016, whenever allegations arose against rich groups, CPM has been with the accused. Law Academy agitation, Thomas Chandy issue, P V Anvar issue, Health Minister Shailaja Teacher’s ‘unhealthy’ medial reimbursement, etc. are some examples.

BJP State President Kummanam Rajasekharan has demanded an enforcement enquiry into the allegation. He also demanded an enquiry into the benami assets of the CPM state secretary. BJP spokesman M S Kumar said if at all Kodiyeri does carry an iota of self-esteem he should resign from the party positions. Kumar added, financial manipulations were behind the Loka Kerala Sabha organized by the Government of Kerala recently. Benami connections are suspected behind the programme. Kodiyeri belonged to an ordinary family. But, now his family possesses assets worth several crores. All well-known business people in Kerala are well connected with the CPM. These aspects should be inquired into too, Kumar said.

Though Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and his son Binoy denied all charges against the latter, they are in a further hot soup.

This correspondent understands that Dubai company’s proprietors came not only to Thiruvananthapuram but also to New Delhi. At New Delhi, they met Sitaram Yechury as soon as the latter came back from Kolkotta after the crucial party meeting. Now, reports state that Yechuri has asked the Kerala unit of the CPM to give him a report of the whole issue as he has to give a reply to the Dubai men.

Now, more revelations are available. It suggests, Binoy availed a guaranteed loan of 3,13,200 dirhams (Rs 53.61 lakhs) to buy an Audi car and 45 lakh dirham (Rs 7.7 crores) for the business purposes in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Nepal! The promise was to pay back before June 1, 2016. After some time the payback of the loan ceased. The balance of the loan amount and interest together constitute Rs13 crores.

The company says, Binoy faces five other criminal cases in Dubai. And, he is absconding from Dubai since the last more than a year.

Another revelation is regarding a similar case against CPM MLA Vijayan Pillai’s son. Pillai is a novice in politics. When he got the party ticket to contest the assembly elections in 2016 from Chavara constituency, there were rumours that he was the nominee of a rich Malayali businessman in Dubai. Apparently, Binoy was holding a senior position in this businessman’s Dubai offices.

LDF convener and CPM veteran Vaikkom Viswan tried to simplify the matter when the reporters asked him about it. Pat was his answer: “When youths go abroad and try to do business, these sorts of things happen; it is natural!”

One thing is clear. The scandal shakes the ruling LDF apparatus in general and CPM in particular. Observers suspect the hands of P Jayarajan and Yechury in spreading the scandal to the media. Yechury is angry towards the party’s Kerala unit since it supported Prakash Karat line and defeated Yechury’s endeavour to get his line for an alliance with Congress endorsed in the party meeting three days before. Jayarajan is reported to be unhappy about the state leadership’s (read Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and Pinarayi Vijayan) efforts to clip his wings and prevent him from a further self-promotion.




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