Kerala CM to address media regularly until end of lockdown, but do not ask him about Sprinkler

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will address the media every day from Monday onwards until the end of lockdown on May 3. The CM informed the decision after a review meeting held at 4 pm on Monday.

During the meeting, Pinarayi Vijayan explained that the decision was taken after he received numerous phone calls from NRIs stating that they were not receiving information regarding the coronavirus situation in Kerala after the press conference was stopped.

However the Kerala media reports that the CM had pulled out ‘a time-tested trick’ that has never failed him from his arsenal of survival techniques to obliterate the accumulating charges of data theft under the cover of fighting COVID-19. He put on a stone face and insinuated that this was nothing but a media conspiracy.

When he was asked whether he could ignore the mounting charges, he said: “Of course. I don’t have the time for that now. I need to concentrate on other things.” He also made it very clear that, however much journalists tried, he would not speak about the Sprinklr deal. “Right now this is how I would deal with the issue. Let history judge me,” he said.