Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s daughter the beneficiary in Life Mission scandal; If questioned, truth will be unveiled, says K Surendran

BJP state president K Surendran today accused Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan the ‘epicentre’ of the all the scams in the state which central agencies are probing now. Surendran demanded the agencies to question Chief Minister’s daughter Veena adding that this will unveil truth behind the scam.

The BJP President also said that it is clear why Swapna Suresh the accused in the gold smuggling is often having chest pains. He accused that Swapna is getting the assistance of nurses at the hospital to talk to the superiors over their phones. He also accused that she is being trained to present her statements in the case.

Kerala is ruled by Pinarayi Vijayan and 20 thieves. The main accused in the case are ministers. Surendran further alleged that Industries and Sports minister Jayarajan’s son got a commission of Rs 3.5 crore as the commission for Life Mission scandal. Surendran added that the leaders of the working class party should explain why there are so many bank lockers.

Except for the money set aside by the Local Governments in the Life Mission, everything else is the money of the Central Government. The state government is not doing anything for Life Mission. By incorporating foreign agencies, the state government is aiming only at commission money.

Pointing out that the state government is hijacking all those central projects and presenting in front of the people as the state’s, he reminded that the projects implemented by Kerala during this corona crisis too belong to the Center. Whatever money spent by the health department was given by the central government. Surendran said that there is nothing left with the state government other than what is provided by the state government.