Kerala CM demands central agencies not to approach ‘advocating’ for corporate companies

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday hit out at the central agencies probing various cases in the state, including the Life Mission and K-Fon projects, and said they should not dance to the tune of a “few defective minds.”

Vijayan, who met the media through video conference after the COVID-19 evaluation meet here, slammed the probe agencies which have sought the details of various developmental projects and the CAG report on KIIFB.

Recently, in a draft report, the CAG had allegedly said the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) was raising loans “unconstitutionally”.

Various central probe agencies are investigating different projects of the state government including its ambitious K-Fon project aimed at providing free and quality internet to everyone in the state.

Vijayan said the K-Fon project intends to provide internet connection to all houses and offices in the state and some people were upset about the project.

“We understand that some people may have some vested interest in the matter. But how can an investigating agency in the country have that vested interest.

Why are they trying to interfere in this? It is funded by KIIFB and is implemented by one of the Navartna Companies in the country, BHEL,” Vijayan said.

He said the Left government would fulfill its responsibilities entrusted upon it by the people of the state.

“They (the investigating agencies) are implicitly telling us that there are other private agencies to engage in this business.I would like to tell them don’t come here advocating for any corporate company.

The investigation agencies should not dance to the tune of a few defective minds,” Vijayan said. He said the state government intends to take Kerala forward from what it was in 2016 and not backwards.

“We will fulfill our responsibility no matter what,” he said.

He also criticised the Opposition Congress and the BJP and claimed both the parties are unhappy with the development works happening in the state.

Vijayan mocked the “unity” between the Sangh Parivar and the Congress on the KIIFB issue.

“I would like to ask the Opposition leaders including the Leader of Opposition in the state Assembly whether they require projects under KIIFB in their constituency or not.

However, our policy is to provide the developmental projects to all constituencies irrespective of the elected member and their parties,” Vijayan said.He claimed investigating agencies were targeting the officials behind the various projects of the state.

“Over the years our state has received multiple awards for good governance. This was possible due to the involvement of our officials at the executive level.

Now all the investigation agencies in the country are hovering above these officers. They are interfering in a way the officers become indifferent towards the continuation of the projects,” Vijayan said.

The chief minister cited various developmental activities undertaken by the government using KIIFB funding and said the people are happy about it.”

Look at our schools. The people of our state are happy with the international standards of our government schools.Our health sector was improved with funds from KIIFB…roads, other basic facilities improved using funds from KIIFB,” Vijayan said.

Source: Kerala Koumudi