Kerala CM admits ‘some’ irregularities in Red Crescent deal

The Kerala CM yesterday admitted that there were some irregularities in the deal with the Red Crescent. He said the government would look into the matter.

So far, the CM has said that the government has not made any mistakes in connection with the Red Crescent. The explanation was that the government had only given away land to build a house for the Red Crescent. This was after the news came out that crores of commission had been transacted from the company which had taken over the construction contract.

The CM admitted that there were some problems in responding to a media query on whether the government still thinks so.

Some issues related to the Red Crescent have come to light through investigative agencies. The government is examining those matters. This has been said before. It is true that the government is not involved in other matters. It is still there, ”the CM claimed.

When asked why the Leader of the Opposition was not provided a copy of the MoU with the Red Crescent amidst repeated demands, the Chief Minister said he could not answer why.

UAE Asked if the Union Ministry of External Affairs had made it clear that bringing religious scriptures to the consulate and dealing with the Red Crescent was illegal, the Chief Minister said it was not against any law.