Kerala Christian Headmistress posts video message to school group insulting Lord Vamana on Onam day, seeks apology when video goes viral

A Christian headmistress in Kerala posted a video insulting Lord Vamana in an online study group belonging to the school. Sister Divya, the headmistress of St. Teresa’s High School, of Kottayam, who shared the content hurting religious sentiments later apologized as the video went viral and was criticised for her act.

In her video, the teacher is heard saying that it was a foul act by Lord Vamana who deceived King Mahabali by snatching away his kingdom. She says that whoever gives gets deceived, however, there are people like Jesus Christ who became light of the reason for the world by sacrificing their own lives.

When the video went viral, Hindu associations including Vishwa Hindu Parishad came forward condemning the act of Divya who is also a priest. She said that the reference to Vamanamoorthy was due to her ignorance and that she understands the distress caused to the Hindu community because of this.