Keeping unruly Muslim youths on Shab-e Bara’at at home a challenge for Delhi cops

It is going to be a nightmare for the Delhi Police to keep Muslim youths indoors on the day of the ‘Shab-e Bara’at’ on April 9. On this day, Muslims every year observe vigil at night at mosques, offering special prayers, reciting the Quran and visiting graveyards. Usually bike-borne youths wreak a havoc on Delhi roads violating traffic rules, but since it is in night it won’t cause much difficulties to the general public.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Minorities Commission on Tuesday urged Muslims to not step out for the ‘Shab-e Bara’at’ and spend the time at home offering prayers amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Zafarul-Islam Khan, the Commission Chairman, appealed to the Muslims to not visit the graveyards but pray for their departed relatives while staying at home.

Khan made the request in view of the outbreak of cornonavirus, which has evolved into a dangerous pandemic. “Thousands have lost their lives as a result and over a million people have been infected by this virus. In our own country over four thousand people are infected by this virus. As a safeguard, the whole country is under lockdown at present,” he said.

Ever since lockdown was declared, congregational and prayers in the mosques have been curtailed and people are offering their prayers at home. “An effective way to protect ourselves from this virus is to observe social distancing and people should not assemble at any place,” he said.

“We appeal to all Muslims to spend Shab-e Bara’at at home offering prayers, reciting the Holy Quran and doing ‘zikr’ and ‘du’a’. Muslims should not visit graveyards but pray for their departed relatives while staying at home. We appeal, in particular, to our youth to completely refrain from going out of their homes during this night,” he said.


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