Keeping boundless hopes over tomorrows

I can’t just be away without saying, there are times we turn exactly helpless and all the way helpless. The moment we feel and have to accept it so heartily we are just nothing and all the way nothing. For the last last two years and this year too, the month of August has given Keralites much a tough time. So many deaths, and many more casualties leaving on bereavement with those who are left over with the sake of a chance to witness all these.

I do have to quote with this, a personal incident of mine, to take the talk to a further end. A friend of mine brought a car in the year 2019. But, with no excuse, my dear friend made it sure the registration number of the vehicle goes 2020. But now, the entire world is just in a hurry to turn over the calendar or even do with such a year weren’t there. And my friend was saying to me when we last talked: “I just want to dispose off the vehicle because I can’t think of the number 2020, that my car bears”. And how time can make minds change ! Isn’t it.

And what just put my thoughts to trigger goes this way, there are many many things that are out of our control, which even goes contrary to the saying “Man proposes and God disposes of”. But we have some little and greater moments in life, which we can just simply hold within our arms, that could keep ourselves well and our dear ones too all way happy, healthy, hilarious and ultimately giving all peace of mind. The materialistic things that you gonna grab need not keep you even balanced, but the lighter joys of life could. So why can’t we think of today and live, rather than putting boundless hopes for tomorrow when only today is ours’.

Parvathy Ramachandran