KASHMIR: The Thirty Years of Genocide

Kashmir is like a gorgeous image. The valley and the flowing lakes of the valley make the picture even more spectacular. The soil of Kashyapa and Kalhanan have always held the culture of India close to his chest. The historical poetry of Rajatarangini is still present in the memory lane of Kashmir. India’s garden is always welcome as it is spread over a wide range of sights.

In post-independence India, the Kashmiri Pandits constituted about 15% of the total population of the Kashmir Valley. The true heirs of Kashmir, Sharadapit. India has always been proud of the rich cultural heritage that follows the Shaivism.

All of a sudden, everything changed. The black hands of religious bigotry have reached the minorities in Kashmir. One morning, there were posters all over the city. Kafirs must convert; Or leave everything and flee. The posters that the Kafirs had no place in Kashmir and that they should leave soon, started to spread throughout the country. Those who were willing to leave the country were ordered to leave the women there.

Many women became sex slaves in the face of religious terror. Those who refused were brutally tortured. Many who tried to stop were killed. The property was looted. Kashmir, where only the heavenly sights were present, was also witness to the swellings. Tens of thousands were thrown into the streets. Even babies became victims of genocide. The death penalty for journalists who dared to report it was death.

When the majority of Kashmiris were a minority in one area, they were driven from the soil where they were born. Millions of refugees have been displaced from Kashmir to Delhi and other states. Thirty years of such traumatic experiences have given India a lot of wounds.

As of 2010, there were only 3445 Pandits remaining in 808 families in the Kashmir Valley. The belief that the truth would open its eyes to them, despite the loss of all, moved the families to stay on the ground.

They are unaware that any proponent of secularism has raised a finger against those who have pushed them into the worst of 30 years. No one who was calling for a secular India to raise Gandhiji, Ambedkar and the Constitution, held any rally to rehabilitate them on the streets of Delhi. Thirty years as refugees in their own country.

When the Narendra Modi government overthrew Kashmir’s authority in 2019, many Kashmiri Pandits who were scattered across the country thanked Modi and thanked him. They told Modi that when the repeal of Article 370 ended their thirty-year wait.

When riots against citizenship law upset the country, they said that if you had experienced it yourself, you would not have opposed the law.

Today, they each dream. Return to the land of birth. Yes, the hashtag of Kashmiri Pandits that we are returning home is now active on social media. The rightful heirs of the soil are well aware that no one will ever settle there again. Yes their heaven, heaven on this earth is getting it back to them.

Courtesy: Janam TV