Karnataka Wakf Board scam: Muslim community seeks CBI probe

Image: Asianet

Muslim community members called upon the Karnataka government to order a CBI probe. The incident is following a report by Asianet news on the scam.

A major protest was held at the state Wakf Board office, demanding a CBI probe into the allegations of the corruption and land grabbing.

The Karnataka government had recently tabled Anwar Manippady commission report on Wakf land scam that is believed to be worth over Rs 2 lakh plus crore.

The report, which was accessed by Asianet, exposed the rot within the Wakf Board and the organised loot of its properties by several politicians

In his explosive 7000-page report, Manippady had named top Congress leaders, including Rehman Khan, CK Jaffer Sharieff, Mallikarjun Kharge.

According to the report, acres and acres of Wakf land across 7 districts of Karnataka were either been encroached upon or just sold off.